The Writing Process

I was perusing the internet the other day and came across an advertisement for the Master Class courses out there, that include guest teachings from Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood and the like. This one included Dan Brown and I took the bait and clicked on it. While it was the normal, “Hey, you’ll learn this and that when you pay us this much money,” I found the sound bites from Mr. Brown interesting. This is one of them:


When I started out writing, I mostly guessed at what I was doing. Now I understand there is a process, which helps us beyond the initial idea. That’s where the (actual) writing process comes in. This process involves anywhere from three to seven steps, depending on who your ask, but the key steps are these:

  1. Pre-writing is anything you do before you write a draft of your document, including thinking, taking notes, talking to others, brainstorming, outlining, and gathering information.
  2. Drafting or writing occurs when you put your ideas into sentences and paragraphs. In this stage, you concentrate on explaining, supporting and expanding your ideas.
  3. Revision is where you think more deeply about your readers’ needs and expectations; and you rearrange, add, take away and or replace your words so that your message is clear.
  4. Editing involves grammar, mechanics, and spelling. But you should not edit until the other steps have been completed.

Like I said, there are other steps out there, but these are the ones everyone can agree on. And they are the road map for writing. I’ve been guilty of skipping a step or two in the past…or at least trying to, but when a step is omitted, or it’s out of order, it throws the whole process off. Trust the process. In writing, but also life. That’s how Mr. Brown ended his talk: he said, “There were days that I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this. That’s when the process saved me.”

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