Unapologetically Me

The bond between mother and child is a strong one, but what happens when that connection is complicated by drugs, addiction and mental illness? What becomes of the child whose only desire is to be loved by the mother who abandoned her? And how does that child, now a woman herself, avoid the mistakes her mother made that seemingly come natural to her? In UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME, Leah Forney recounts her personal story of abandonment and redemption to inspire others and teach them that even the painful parts of our lives have a purpose. Moving and gut-wrenchingly honest, Leah offers no sugary solutions to life’s tough questions. Instead she presents the truth she learned after years of fruitlessly searching for love in all the wrong places – that only God’s love can change you and move you beyond the shame and guilt of your past. Read Leah’s story and learn how you too can become unapologetic about who you are and who you were created to be.