The Shepherd, The Sheep and The Sheepdog

When we take the time to study the natural order of things, we begin to see the supernatural at work in our world – we begin to see the Kingdom of God and how it operates. Scripture constantly alludes to spiritual sheep and shepherds but in our modern age, the comparison is one that is usually lost on us. Why does God liken himself to a shepherd? Why does he refer to his people as sheep? Are we meant to follow blindly and never fight against authority? Or is there a deeper significance in the association? What is the importance of the sheepdog? Through her in-depth study of the natural functions of “The Shepherd, The Sheep and The Sheepdog”, author Angela Oliphant shows us the wonder of having order in our lives and illustrates the benefits that come from applying these principles to our everyday affairs so that we can prosper and be blessed beyond measure!