The Breaking and Making of Me

When we consider the moments that make up our lives, we think about the good things—the fulfilling career, loving family, bright future. Rarely do these moments include an adulterous spouse, crumbling marriage and shattered dreams. This is the reality faced by many though, even in the Christian community. So, what do we do then? How do we survive in the face of such betrayal? How do we put the pieces of our lives back together when we feel broken and deceived? How do we move on?

This was the reality Author Gracie Kay woke up to one day, when she discovered her husband’s infidelity. But by turning to God and applying his grace to her situation, Gracie was able to forgive and find healing for her soul. ‘The Breaking and Making of Me’ is an account of her journey towards that healing; and by seeking the same grace and applying the same steps and principles she did, you too can survive, be revived and thrive in the face of the ultimate betrayal.