Pain Equals Purpose

Pain is something that is common to all of us. We don’t choose it, and often seek to avoid it, but if we allow it, we can find our purpose in the midst of our pain.

This is the truth Lashonda Wofford discovered, and now shares in her new book, Pain Equals Purpose. Lashonda met her soul mate David when they were teenagers. Even though they were young, they began building a life together, eventually becoming parents to a beautiful baby girl. But Lashonda’s idyllic world came crashing down with five bullets and a life that neither she nor David planned for. What followed was a lesson in pain and purpose that eventually birthed Akins Helping Hands, an important resource for the ventilator-dependent quadriplegic community, providing excellent In-Home Care Services as well as advocating, supporting, and educating families who find themselves in similar situations.

Through her deepest pain, Lashonda found her purpose. Now she tells her story to help you discover yours. It won’t happen overnight, but if we will just submit ourselves to the process, we will discover a beautiful transformation waiting for us as we become the people God created us to be, filled with the compassion to love others and help them through the pain we overcame.