Nothing Shall Separate Me

For Monique Headecker-Green, life is more than the mistakes we make or the things we’re often too ashamed to share. Because of the life she’s lived and the experiences she’s had, she can boldly declare that “Nothing Shall Separate Me” from God; and if that declaration is true of her, then it can be true for you too. In her new memoir, Monique paints a picture of the God who has been with her in the good and bad, who has kept her since she was a child in New York, who was with her during the heartbreaks she experienced, the drug use that should have killed her, the teenage pregnancy, the abusive relationship that brought her to North Carolina, the work troubles and the cancer diagnoses. Through it all, Monique recounts how God was faithful and how, because of him, she can now encourage others to walk in truth and #livelifelimitless!