Emerging Into Your Whole & Beautiful Life!

Emerging is a process we must all participate in if we want to move forward in our lives. It is a journey designed to bring about the authentic you. Emerging is often difficult and requires mental, spiritual, and physical strength, but if you can stick with it and make it to the end of the process, you will discover a brand new you and the beginning of a whole and beautiful life.

In Emerging Into Your Whole & Beautiful Life, Angela Oliphant delves into the lives of Biblical and non-Biblical women to show how each woman, when faced with a particular challenge, was able to find the beauty in their circumstances and let something meaningful emerge from it. Filled with relatable situations and inspirational words, Angela’s book inspires you to accept, embrace, and yield to the process so that your life can be beautiful and whole. This 21-day devotional includes questions for you to consider as you journal and follow along to your own emerging.