Bridging The Gap

God’s design for marriage has always been for it to be filled with love and abundance. But staying connected is not easy. If you do not make your spouse a priority in your relationship, then gaps start to appear—miscommunication, discord, and complacency, among others—leading to breaks and eventually failure. If you are going to have success in your marriage, you need to find a way to ‘bridge’ those gaps.

Bridging The Gap: A Couple’s Devotional by Dana Fuller was written to help you create a positive change in your marriage and bring connection where there was separation. Inspired by her own experience, Dana (along with her husband, Chauncy) shares the lessons she learned in her twenty plus years of marriage with the intent of encouraging couples yearning to know God’s plan and purpose for their own marriage.

This book contains weekly devotionals designed to guide you through the different aspects of marriage, including the importance of premarital counseling, date nights and communication, as well as touching on topics. such as rekindling the romance and sexual health. Bridging The Gap: A Couple’s Devotional is 52 weeks of inspiration that will help you recreate your marriage according to God’s original design.