Ronald L. Godbee

Since accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, Pastor Ronald L. Godbee has pursued the mandate of God to seek and save souls through the preaching of the gospel. Pastor Godbee’s greatest decision was first to choose Christ as his Lord and Savior; and secondly to choose Karla Godbee as his wife. Together, they are the proud parents of three lovely children Kindale, Ronald Jr., and Kharrington. After being faithful to his calling as a traveling evangelist, he established the Inner Court Christian Center in the heart of the inner city of Detroit, Michigan. With worship as its thrust and the love of God as its reason, Inner Court Christian Center impacted the lives of the lost.

During Pastor Godbee’s time of ministry in the city of Detroit he was appointed by Presiding Prelate Bishop Edgar L. Vann II to serve as general overseer and executive Council member of the Kingdom Alliance Covenant Fellowship. Pastor Godbee has made many appearances on Christian television and has been a regular host on many Christian talk shows, including “Rejoice in the Word” with Bishop Greg Davis.

Pastor Godbee’s transformative message, passion of worship and love for people has given him the touch of God for these times. He currently serves as the lead pastor of The River Church in Durham, North Carolina, which was established by Bishop Joby and Pastor Sheryl Brady. He serves God’s people with a humble and submitted heart; and is leading his church towards becoming a model ministry in the 21st century.

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