Roger Daye

Roger L. Daye was born and raised in Durham, NC; but currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an Author, Speaker and Certified Success and Leadership Coach who emphasizes personal growth through teaching, inspirational speaking, one-on-one, and group coaching. Unlocking Success in your life requires knowing the right “Combination.” His expertise is in helping people realize their own potential, through his “Combination to Success.”  Roger is the Founder of MPOWER Development Group which offers Coaching, Consulting, and a Course Curriculum.

Roger focuses on building strengths through self-discovery, detailed action plans & his proven personal development program known as the “MPOWER Success System.” His practical, yet unique style has compelled numerous individuals to change for the better and achieve their goals. He has one singular desire to help people focus forward by going God-ward to get them to their “Place of Destiny.”

MPOWER To Get Wealth