Monique Headecker Green

Monique (Nikki) Headecker-Green is a native New Yorker currently residing in the wonderful city of Raleigh, North Carolina, where she’s lived for the past twenty-five years. She is a wife and a mother of two sons and a fur baby daughter. She went to school to become a medical assistant and an EMT in New York and a Veterinary Technician in North Carolina. In 2002, she started working at the Employment Security Commission, where she was employed for fifteen years until she received a Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer diagnosis. Even though this is her second battle fighting cancer (most recent a Terminal Stage IV diagnosis), she is thriving every day, trusting, and believing that the God she serves holds her life in His hands. She’ll be the first to tell you her time is when God says, not man. After her separation from the Employment Security Commission, she started treatment, became a radio/internet talk show host on ALH Broadcasting, an affiliate of the Streaming Inspirational Broadcast Network, and started her beaded jewelry line. She lives in the present and enjoys every day she is alive.

Nothing Shall Separate Me