Leah M. Forney

Leah Forney is a native of Queens, New York who is currently residing in Maryland. She learned early on the importance of having a relationship with Jesus Christ from her maternal grandmother who raised her in the church. As she continues to accept the calling that God has placed on her life, Leah is open to seeing where her gifts and talents will take her. She has released seven books over the last few years. She is the podcast host of Hey Queen, Thrive!

She has been blessed to be featured on 47 different media publications including but not limited to internationally streamed Decide to move Podcast and The CEO Wife Experience podcast.

You can follow Leah on many social media sites: Facebook: Leah M. Forney, Instagram: Iamleahmichelle, Linkedin: Leah Forney, and Twitter: Leah Forney Podcast. Visit her website to learn more about her other books and projects.

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