Dana Fuller

Dana Fuller was born and raised in Clearwater, Florida where she received Christ and the baptism of the Holy Spirit as a teenager. Even at an early age, she knew there was a requirement on her life to fulfill the work of The Lord. She is an anointed vessel of God and ministers a prophetic Word in a practical way to all whom the Master leads her. The heart of her testimony is praise and worship. For Dana, Psalm 34: 1 “I will bless the Lord at all times His praise shall continually be in my mouth” is more than inspiring it is her strength. It is that same spirit of might and spirit of wisdom that gives her the ability to teach the uncompromising Word of God with passion and conviction. Though content and diligent in the “ministry of helps”, God has brought her to the forefront “to sound the alarm in His holy mountain” (Joel 2:1) to give mankind a wake-up call” in the area of marital relationships.

God has placed in Dana a desire to see “heaven’s best in marriages.” She knows it has always been the Father’s will for husbands and wives to enjoy “a wholeness and fullness” in marriages…not missing out on anything God has for them. In Genesis 2:24b “…and they shall be one flesh”, Dana has seen that the “shall be” is a process by which one must pray, read the Word of God, listen to the voice of the Spirit and WORK THE MARRIAGE! She knows you can’t be so “prophetic” that you neglect the “practical” or so “spiritual” that you overlook the “simple”.

Dana founded Love for a Lifetime Ministries with the purpose of practically teaching couples how to live and love in their marriage through the Word of God. Through the transparency of experiences in her own marriages, Dana’s prayer is that a seed will be planted, it will take root and grow to bring forth “much fruit” in the marriages she encounters. She desires that husbands and wives will allow their love to be “For God, For one another, For a Lifetime.”

Dana is a devoted wife of thirty-one years to Chauncy Fuller who lovingly supports her fully in the mission God has given her. She is also a dedicated mother to her two sons, Shaun, and Devin. She has a strong sense of family and believes the best way to manifest Christ to the world is to first fulfill her “call” as a wife and mother, to the glory of God.

Bridging The Gap