Angela D. Oliphant

Angela D. Oliphant is, at heart, a teacher. She grew up in the small town of Aiken, South Carolina and she always had dreams that took her further than the boundaries where she physically lived.

Angela has always had a love for words because through them she saw and experienced life in a whole new light. Early in her life, she realized words could transform, train and equip every person who would take the time to read and embrace them—whether through books, magazines, or even a newspaper. With this passion and thirst to help others understand the wealth found in words, she has set out on a mission to teach, train and equip all who will listen and apply words to their lives that will bring order in the midst of chaos and calm in the midst of any storm. She believes that the right words spoken at the right time in the lives of others can elevate their thinking to the place where there are no limitations or boundaries to what they want to accomplish in their lives.

Through poetry, short stories, articles, and public speaking—she has presented opportunities that will bring a positive change to the lives of all who will listen and understand that their entire world can literally be transformed “One Word at a Time.”

The Shepherd, The Sheep & The Sheepdog

Emerging Into Your Whole & Beautiful Life!