In Memoriam: Monique Headecker Green

Technology is a great thing, except when it doesn’t work and you can’t quite figure out why. I wanted to post this a month ago, to honor one of our authors, Monique Headecker Greene, who passed away after a battle with metastatic breast cancer, but our site wasn’t accessible. We’re here now and even though we’re late in sharing this, we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to honor her. Monique lived a full life, in spite of her diagnosis; inspiring those around her. For us here at Studio Griffin, she pushed us to do and be the very best when it came to publishing her book and we were both rewarded with a masterpiece that will live on after her. We are better for having known her, we are better because of her. That’s what we wanted to say a month ago, but in retrospect now, we can say that any time is a good time to tell the people around you that you appreciate them.

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